Payout Issue (solved)

I think my April month payment is excluded.Can you fixed it?
Can I get my payout?

I think it is a issue in my side.But I don’t know what’s the issue.

Dear eran,

as long as you keep reuploading duplicates, your account will be restricted.

Also why do you keep claiming your wallpapers are “Originals” if you didnt make them and they are even multiple times on this website? We want to emphasize truly Original content and not umpteen times uploaded wallpapers from other people. Thanks.

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Ok.Thank You.

Can’t I get my April month payouts?

If you go through all your entries, edit and remove the “Original” checkbox from all your wallpapers, yes.

I fixed it.please can you receive my april my payout?

You “fixed” it by removing all your products?
How you expect to receive any payout for them then??

Can.t I get my april month payouts?It’s more than $80.

Ohhhh sorry that issue in my side.ok thank you

If I upload wallpapers,can I get may month payouts?


Your wallpaper is not original, because it came from internet. The openDesktop does not pay the users who upload non-original wallpapers came from internet. If you want to receive monthly payouts, you have to create original wallpapers from scratch.

OK Thank you

Observe that you can use the wallpapers licensed under GPL, CC-BY, CC-BY-SA and CC-BY-NC-SA, but you have to create, improve and readjust these wallpapers, to show that they are different of the original and improved, then you can upload them.

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OK Thank You your replies.

The case here is that you marked all wallpapers “Original” even though most of them were reuploads. We are okay if you

  1. respect and fullfill any license
  2. link to the source,
  3. do not mark them “Original” and
  4. do not make multiple accounts to upload endlessly the same wallpapers.

Two things in addition to that:

  1. If something already exists here, we do not allow exact copies of the same product to exist here twice without any modifications.
  2. If an original author claims an already uploaded product, we will favor the original author.

If all of your items satisfy the above, then all is fine.

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OK I will reupload all wallpapers.

I reuploaded all wallpapers.Am I correct now? Can I get my payouts?

Since you deletd all your products there cant be any payout for them for the old month.
For the new products, we will see if all is fine and you need to collect new payouts.

Ok thank you very much