Payout exclusion?

So, i think my May payout is excluded, no problem because it would be some issue from my side. But i am unable to know the exact reason or the problem because there is nothing over the payout tab, no error, no issues, just nothing.

I think I’m in the same situation.

Yeah, i also got the similar on tab and i am unable to understand why. Because if there is some issue that tab must show it.

I suspect they have not made it available yet. It’s not unusual for it to go further into the month, were only on the 5th day.

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Same here, but to be fair, in the past they payed even on 7th.
I’m pretty sure that i did not violated any license; indeed all of my content is my own “production”, apart from one that i credited and specified the very same license.
So probably they’re just a bit late.

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Please be a bit patient. we are working on it.



thanks, all working for me :slight_smile:

More information about excluded user. In case your plings are excluded because of misusing, the following message would be shown on member plings page.

All products require a valid license. Certain products also require a link to an online source repository, like e.g. or github. If we find those requirements are set in a misleading way, we reserve the right to exclude the product or user temporarily or completely from receiving plings at any time.


my payout excluded for misusing and may i know is i temporary or permanent?and i want to know the exact reason for exclusion.

please be fair and complete the payout for the month and then exclude me from the plings. just because i couldn’t add the source link for just one wallpaper you have excluded me from the plings of the whole month. please be kind and fair, i uploaded more than 400 wallpapers and i have been part of the open desktop family since 2017 December. you have ignored everything and now you have excluded me from the pling list for just forgetting to add the source link for just one wallpaper.
please take this matter for consideration.

We randomly check more than one of the contributors uploads to make sure it is not just one instance.
Since you decided to remove all wallpapers though, there is nothing further we can do.

I doubt very much that you are a photographer or designer who has created your own wallpapers, for which I think it’s unfair that you ask for payment for uploading wallpapers that you located in Google images


so you’re the one , eh … :grin: