Payout error

There was a paypal API error … so opendesktop send my payout in manually…
but its still in paypal holding balance … what should i do now?:expressionless:
please help me :roll_eyes:

Hi Nicke,

I see this message on paypal:


Did you verify your account?

hi rvs75 thanks for your reply…
i got my payment :grin::heart_eyes:

thank you opendesktop :kissing_closed_eyes:

Im also facing PayPal API error…How openDesktop send manually…Where i need to ask ??

paypal mail:

i also have the same problem… i think opendesktop need to confirm payment that they sent to me… could you please confirm it

In short: if you get this message, the only way is to call the PayPal tech support. You will usually have a short and to the point conversation.