Options new register or what I don't know (solved sort of )

Hello and hope someone can help-out
I am able to spend time now actually doing artwork (wallpapers only)
changes in life happen and change of username is would be nice - I cannot find a way
next option was to delete my old account - cannot find an option
checked the forum here and seems there is no way to do this - is that correct

So have I got this right - Since there no way to change username I would have to create a new account and leave the old account undeleted ? is that correct ?

The question has been asked before but that was a while back and didn’t seem to provide the answers , since it’s awhile back maybe there have been changes , I don’t think that having duplicate accounts is the way to go

Thanks in advance and I hope that there is a better solution than duplication

Is this your new account? Whats your old account?
In general, it is very hard to rename a username since it is used by many services as main identification. See this topic:

OK since cannot change user name is it at all possible to delete this (the old)account
do I make a new account and leave the old one where it is with no activity is that the usual here ?
Thanks for the reply

Let’s ask OpenDesktop

Is it possible to transfer all the products from the old account to the new account with a new username? I know that if we transfer to the new account and close the old account, we will lose the plings and the votes.

Again I ask - How to close the old account if there is no option for deleting account that could find ? or do I need to get spectacles , seriously I cannot find an option for deleting the old account . Help Please
edit : there would have to be a delete option somewhere you’d think so , yes or no ?

There is no closing/deleting account option. Only OpenDesktop can close, delete the account and transfer the products to another new account.

Thanks for clearing that up,
so how does that get to be done or just started up is there a page somewhere for this sort of request or is this done via private mail to a moderator
I don’t know how or where to start to delete old account ( those two options are the only that I can think of , is there another way )and get on with making a new account and start uploading , looking forward to your answer.

OpenDesktop answers quickly via PM. Say like:

Please, can you transfer all the products to my new account? My old account ID is … and my new account ID is …

Once they transfer all. Send another message another day:

Please delete my old account? Thank you

Thank you so much it helps when shown what way to go about things
Hope I got done right soon know won’t I , thanks

yesterday I asked for delete account and again today , I’ll check tomorrow (sunday evening) eh who knows what is ?

OpenDesktop answers weekly. They answered @Magog64 via PM last Sunday.

Opening a new account if it is really for a new username is the only option.

Best is to simply leave the other account as is. We might be able to provide a method to transfer things to the new account in the future.

This is complicated though, since old comments here on Discourse or Projects on Gitlab might all need attention. To get an idea, just see here: https://gitlab.com/gitlab-com/www-gitlab-com/issues/784

Thanks for the replies gusries1989 & opendesktop
Would have got to this earlier just as everyone else is got things todo list does not seem to get any smaller , I will take the option of just opening a new account makes things easier and thank you for taking time for replying it is much appreciated.
It is Solved.
Big Thank you.

It just does not let up on me OK first time went to open new account I made a mistake with the email address figured that out when there was no confirmation email
second time to open the new account then it informed me that the new user name was already used yeah by me during stuffed registration never got confirmation so it should be good to use
and so is the email address yeah by me on old account and stuffed up registration just before
now it is really no good is cannot use new username or email address
what the point of this making things as complicated to the point where it’s better to walk away than to what almost is a battle with a machine for things that could and should be easy to do , will return in a few days to see if the registration mechanism has cleared itself .

You need to create a new e-mail and to change e-mail address in the old account. Move new e-mail to the old account before, then move the old e-mail to the new account. Once finished, you can ask OpenDesktop to transfer everything to you, and to delete the old account.

You thank gusreis1989 you have been very helpful and I now see why opendestop has a hard time deleting or changing accounts information etc , this is complicating simple processes and makes the process of continuing on with this not really appealing ,

create new change here shift this move that transfer that delete this , seriously

you have helped and I thank you if you must know I looked at what to do to comply with opendesktop and
and the thought was - is it really really worth all that effort just to change the account - at the moment my health problems have to dealt with and the artwork is a form of relaxing from the day to day and nights pain I have all this jumping through hoops for an account is not inviting in any way shape or form
not to be obnoxious - has opendesktop ever considered that a simple approach to changing passwords and or accounts might prove to be less discouraging for anyone to do said changes - isn’t there enough red tape and hoops and loops to jump through to get through life without having a website add more things that don’t have be complicated with so many steps involved.
I don’t think that way you described would anyway this bit - then move the old e-mail to the new account - would stuff up - not going to waste time trying .

So for now Thank you and sadly goodbye gusreis .