Numerous Dead Download Links KDE/Gnome look, user accounts gone?

Hopefully this is just part of the transitioning of to new servers, but there are many dead download links to some of the highest rated and most popular downloads. e.g.

Do the new stores have copies of the originals that it will update links to when the transition is complete?

Additionally, there are accounts (mine included) that seemed to have disappeared. The kdelook account (created 2/10/2008) had the password lost, and the account (which was supposedly the same, but listed as created 2/13/2010 regarding the KDE4 Collab Server project) simply vanished without a trace.

Hi drankinatty,

the link is directing to Oxygen Refit Black icon theme, is that correct?
Also do you remember the email or username of the missing account, so we can look it up in our database.

Yes that was the Oxygen Refit Black icon theme. And, good job on the transition, my account is back. The username was drankinatty. The email is correct, I got here from clicking on the link in the email titled “[]Summary” dated today.