Not received Payment

I’m not able to receive payout in my PayPal account.

My PayPal email id is

There’s one error shows in payout section that, I can only receive website payments so i have done necessary changes in my PayPal account settings…

But still i can see same error showing in payout section…

Please check help me to resolve this issue I have already mailed opendesktop several times but got not a single replay from them.

My username is - adil5233

We treat all users the same, and we only do electronic payments. If your paypal is not allowed to receive this form of electronic payment, then we cant help it from our side.

adil5233: retroactively fixing an issue does not clear any payouts from the past. If at the time when the electronic payments are made the account was invalid, the payout is not reclaimable. You can only wait for the next payout pending.