No Payout yet

In pay out option showing,temporary will send paout automatically by paypal-api,its happened to my friend on last i changed my PayPal address,can u again try to payout?
Hope any moderater or site’s developer will see my post.Thank you.

Do not change paypal adresses!
Wait 2-3 days for paypal to completely abort or confirm payments go through, then see what can be done.

Can I get the payout?

I can change the PayPal address because there is an issue with that PayPal address. So I hope my payout will confirmed by this new PayPal address

under the conditions it mentions that the unpaid amounts will not be accumulated or paid later. Greetings.

I still waiting Payout for Apryl month :slight_smile:
I know Opendesktop Team is bussy now, But I hopes is Never to late about Payout like before, In the past years is really smooth (payout).

They do not pay the first week of month. It is the second week of month. Be patient, guys.

Yes, it takes some time (~1 week) to check and finalize all data each month.
If the platform is growing, it could take even longer, so payment could be in the second half of the follow up month in the future.

Thanks all…regarding your answer :slight_smile:
I’m not worry now, I believe Opendesktop Team will do it, No doubt!