No changes in payout section

Hi @opendesktop
I am facing a problem of No changes in payout section even there are few downloads everyday. Can u give it. Check. My mail

You need to provide the full source code for your app:

Please also provide a screenshot if you can of how your apps look like.

This is how my app look like. i have released 3 versions of my app vulmax 650,636 and universal. Also as u said above i have updated all the source code of all my apps. So please do have a check and solve my issue.
thank you

Where is the code then here, what you linked as source code?

Sir actually i make this app using my android phone itself using an app called tasker as i have no money to buy a laptop. so when i decompiled and checked the codes it looks way differnet than that of the app which are made using a pc software. So eventhough i upload a source code a pc user may not find it useful. only persons like me who uses the tasker app can find it useful. After all i am uploading source codes as a zip file and also written a script file (which is the main content of the app). i hope you understand sir , thank you.

Still you should not put a zip as source code. Unzip it, and explain how to modify and rebuild.