New simple theme?

Hi to all of you.

Contrary to some users, I don’t dislike the standard Gnome theme (Adwaita Light). However, there is one thing or two (or three :)) that I would like to change in it.

Because I know nothing about themes, I am calling for someone who could perform the changes I want against a small counterpart fee (200€).

I would like to do the following changes to Adwaita:

  • change all symbolic icons, and only those, without affecting the Adwaita App icons and the Adwaita Folders icons. The symbolic icons I would like to apply are those from this theme:

  • In the icon theme mentioned before, there are some symbolic icons I would like to change though. First: I do not want to change the Adwaita symbolic icons to close-maximise-minimise windows, and that theme is changing them. Second: a would like to have a thinner :heavy_check_mark: icon (appearing in Gnome Music headerbar and elsewhere). Third: it seems that different gear icons (for Settings) appear in that theme. I would like to harmonise that; Fourth: I would like to change that theme Search and Bluetooth icons in the Settings sidebar; Fifth: I would like to change that theme sound icon in the aggregated menu (inside the menu).

  • Last but not least: if you are able and agree, I would like to test some changes in the Adwaita GTK theme of which I am not sure. Just 5 changes: (1) make the AppGrid search form with squared corners again; (2) make the headerbar squared buttons a tiny bit longer (in the horizontal) everything else remaining the same; (3) change the switches and the checkboxes by those in this theme ( but having their green/blue colours replaced by the Adwaita blue (although I do not want the sphere of the switch to be surrounded by colour); (4) make the white dot in radio-buttons a tiny bit bigger; and (5) delete some borders of some progressive bars (I will explain better what I mean).

Very specific requests, I know.

If someone is willing to help me, thank you!