My updated themes are not being brought back to the front of the line

I have two themes that haven’t been updated in over a month and I updated them and they are not being brought back to the front of the line so I thought maybe a problem with the update and did it again an still left way back there where they were. If it has a been a certain length of time they are supposed to be brought back to the front.

Hi freefreeno,

any links to those themes?

Hi @freefreeno

Because of and because of a new rating system. Before, Faenza, Newaita and Suru++ used to be 3 top in the ranking. With a new rating system, the most of products are sent back to the lower ranking and other which used to be among 15th and 50th in the ranking are sent back to the top ranking. For example, Mojave icons is very new and was created 5 days ago, became 8.5 only in two days. Faenza, Newaita and Suru++ were reverted from 9.0 to 7.0.

hi @gusreis1989,

what freefreeno meant is the update mechanism, which didnt change in months.

As for the rating system, it is now completely transparent and all products are treated equally.

Also your Suru is still top 3:

My question has never been addressed. Why are my themes staying way back in the line after updates. Not the ranking the line. The actual line. When you post a theme it shows up on front page RIGHT ??? If you wait I think two weeks before you update then your theme is brought back to front page like it should be and some of mine ARE NOT. This is unfair to me and to anyone else that this is happening to. You know as well I as do that your theme is more likely to be seen if close to the FRONT OF THE LINE. Please help with this.

If you give us any links to some examples, we can look into those and let you know exactly what might be going on.


I think you have to list the changes they have made, in the Changelog section.
This should be done when you have an update.

Zafiro-icons also used to be in the first ones,

Please also check OieIcons OieIcons -
I update but it does not appear in the Latest list also does not appear in the plasma list of icons.


Hi adhe,
For this product, your last update system time is ‘2019-05-19 18:01:49’ and your last major update time is ‘2019-05-13 15:13:32’.

best regards,
Opendesktop Team

What this means is that there is a 1 week cool-off period, where new updates do count towards the last major update.

As for the icon theme not appearing in KDE, can you check if this really works in KDE?
There is moderations in that affects KDE distros, so if someone tested this and it leaves a severly broken theme after “applying” it will be moderated out.
I readded it back, so just make sure it works under KDE to stay visible.

Now if it appears in the searches and worked (tested in Kubuntu and Manjaro KDE).

Thank you.

Great, one issue solved.

Still waiting on links for the original issue from freefreeno of products which didn’t update accordingly.

I updated these themes this week with no change in my status. This is only ones I can remember but I am sure it was more.

Also I would like to talk to someone about the Plings when this get straightened out.
There was more themes than this that didn’t show any movement and I will try to round them up. On these I am certain. Like I even did it again maybe even twice to try to get it to COME BACK TO FRONT PAGE.

I can’t remember for sure if it was anymore but for certain I updated the Materia-Manjaro and when it didn’t show back up after about 2 hrs I tried again and still nothing. I have been going thru all my stuff and either updating it or removing what is not being downloaded any at all and so I have done a lot this week and can’t remember every single one. i just know that when your theme stays two or three hundred back after it is updated then that can’t help the theme any at all so I asked for help. I am sorry if it takes me a while to answer. I have tried to set native notifications up with no luck. I will answer as fast as possible and thanks for trying to help me.

Thanks for the examples, we are looking into it right now why they didnt bring it up to the front page again.

Hi freefreeno,

sorry for the inconvenience. We have corrected your products that had a wrong update date. Please contact us here in the forum, if it happens again.

Now can I please have a word with someone about payouts please. I will check this frequently today to see if there is a reply. Sorry to bother.