My products are not beight brought back to front line?!

Every time I update or added a new item to the product already posted, my products aren’t being brought to the front line. It’s only for me or is a common issue, dearest OpenDesktop Team?
…and by the way, I have to wait two weeks for an answer, or it’s also a comom issue from the OpenDesktop Team?

Hi Ptalfred,
Can you post a link of the product please. we will take a close look.

Opendesktop Team

Hi @opendesktop team .
Honestly, I wasn’t expect a reply so soon, but I am glad you did it.

By the way, I’m still waiting why for a reply for two issues that I posted here. Here, let me help you to find it:
Paypal Payment Commissions - Payments - Community Boards - posted at: 16-06-19
Links and Downloads - - Planet Linux'ing Groups - Community Boards - posted at: 31-05-19

I would like to mention that, on all the products listed below, I added new items to the set, which I waited and checked if it brought it back. As it wasn’t brought back, I just deleted the iten or the items I just added, since it’s not worth it, I chose to leave it as it was before.

As I already said, I’m pleased that you replied my Issue posted here, and has you asked in the reply, here are the links to the products in question.

This is the list I can remember, as it has been happening since April.

My sincere regards

Hi ptalfred,

for project The Cupertino Effect inBlack. the latest major update date is Jun 23 2019. please aware,there is a 1 week cool-off period, where new updates do count towards the last major update. The products you listed above have been checked, and they are all updated correctly.

Maggie Dong

Hi Maggie Dong. Thanks.