Multiple users managing a product - how to do it?

I’m trying to figure out a way to allow multiple users to manage a product, upload files, add metadata, etc.

We have an extremely large number of community files from an old game that need to be sorted, tagged, etc. It’s far too much work for one person. I’m not seeing a way to add other users to a product/set permissions/etc. (For example, for the non-main user, having the ability to upload and modify files, but not delete them.)

Is this even possible?

In an ideal world we’d have many people tagging, sorting and uploading files. And even more ideally, allow submissions of new files, which is how it used to work on

Thanks for any help you can offer. Sorry if I’m off base in thinking what this site can do.

You can setup a github repository and do fire changes there. Just submit a link to the master file to open desktop

Thanks for your reply!

If I used a GitHub repo for the files, is there some way that file uploaders could add a file description? If I could populate the metadata from GitHub, I think this would work.

It looks like I would need a separate project and git for each category I’d like to use as well? A friend of mine was attempting to set this up with the site’s administrators using categories. But they stopped responding to our emails, maybe got busy with something… I’m not sure what happened. These are how it was set up… but these are not associated with anyone’s account:

Maybe there is some way I could associate this with my account?

I’ve searched everywhere for some sort of file sharing system that allows user interaction and file descriptions, and incredibly, there just doesn’t seem to be anything else. So I’d really love to get OpenDesktop working. I have a few people ready and waiting to begin sorting files and adding metadata.

You find those categories here:

When adding a resource as product, just follow the hierachy on the left sidebar.
Anyone can add products in any of those categories. They are not assigned to a specific account.

Ahh, I’m starting to get it now. (Sorry, not much documentation available, as far as I can tell, so it’s a bit confusing how things are structured.) Thanks for your reply.

It sounds like I’ll need to add each file as an individual product? We have several hundreds of files to do this with. Is there any way to mass-upload files as individual products and then add a description to them afterward? Maybe a script? Otherwise it could be a very tedious process indeed. (But at least it’s one that can now be easily done by anyone.)