Mirrored themes


I accidentally found my own themes uploaded by some other user on this website:

Also, they are licensed under the BSD license on his pages, although in some cases the GPL v3 license is included in the source files.


are those clones 1:1 copies or modifications of your themes?
Do you have each of the clones listed also registered under your own account somewhere on opendesktop.org or one of its network-sites?

We are thinking of allowing to report/map such derived products in the future directly, so then the system can gather those informations and display them for any user on the relevant product pages.

The download links point to my repositories, so the guy didn’t do any modifications before uploading. He didn’t even bother to take his own screenshots.

All affected themes were uploaded between 2015-2017 to gnome-look.org.

any news? download stats place his windows 10 theme clone in the top 100. I think it’s very unfair that he gets that kind of popularity without having even reworked the theme

Hi elbullazul,
we are working on this next.

Hi elbullazul,

it is now possible to add “Credits”:
Go to any mirrored / cloned product and you find a link “add credits” in the sidebar:

There you can add information and point to any product either on opendesktop.org or external that the product is related to.

This is the first step in making such relations transparent and visible, and to be continued.

You can also point to more than one product, like in case the resulting product is consisted of a mix of various originals, like e.g. more than one icon-theme mixed together.

It is also possible for an original product to releate to more than one mirrir/clone this way.

sooo anyone can make a theme linking to someone’s existing artowork and get away with it?

This doesn’t seem right, specially if the other person is making money off someone’s work without even altering it.

“This is the first step in making such relations transparent and visible, and to be continued.”

It allows making those cases visible in a structured way, as that is much more effective than via forums posts here.

Does this not break the Terms & Conditions of opendesktop.org found here:
under ‘Not allowed’ ?

If the original license is respected, it is not illegal.
As a platform, we have to find a balance… in this case of a wallpaper, if the license is respected it would not be against the terms, but on the other side as platform owner, we could decide that it is either not okay to submit a 1:1 copy on the same platform. Or we find a way to have the original creator participate of any copy.
In other cases, like icon themes, it gets more tricky… like when is the copy an orginal work by itself? One icon changed? Ten? 100? Not so easy decisions.

to me this sounded more like a ‘branch/child’ feature than a copycat solution. My bad if I understood it wrong.

BTW why the message change?

As stated, this is a first step towards a solution.
Because almost everything is based on something. That’s the whole idea of OpenSource/CC.
Especially regarding the cases of yours, those are also based on someone’s elses ideas/efforts.
So parent/child/derivate relations matter.
Second step is to think what to do with it.

Sorry for the first quick response, too emotional responses don’t help solving anything.