Message about problem with payapl?

I have a notification on my account , specifically on the plings page:Screenshot%202018-04-04%2020%3A12%3A13
It seems to be a problem in transferring funds to my account on PayPal, i have a personal paypal account verified only with an e-mail adress but i dont have any credit cards associated with my paypal account .
i’m new in opendesktop and i don’t know how “plings” works? ! ,Can anyone here explain to me what the problem is? and how can it be solved?
sorry for my english .

That indicates an issue on Paypals side, which could have various reasons.

I have used Paypal for over a decade and it’s always been great. I do know they (paypal) requires several steps to become 100% verified and this might be where the problem begins and or ends for you. Call customer service and just explain the problem you’re having and they will fix it if it’s on their end. Paypal has a lot to offer and it truly is great once you get your account verified and setup correctly.

Again API Error problem:

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I am also getting this, first time ever for me ?

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same here. I am getting this error message too.

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Confirmed for the June payout on my side as well. Same message. First time ever.

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Please have some more patience. Everyone will receive their money.

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No doubt about that at all, just participating in the Forum from time to time :sweat_smile:

Same problem here :raising_hand_man:t2:

Same here, have a nice we.

I have the same problem