Lag when downloading files

Hi. When attempting to download files from OpenDesktop and sites like xfce-look, there is a long hang between clicking a link to download a file and actually having the file be downloaded. Sometimes the hang is around 30 seconds, sometimes indefinitely (it seems to be worse later at night). The browser status bar says “Performing a TLS handshake to…” during the hang. The max speed for my connection is around 10-12 MB/sec, so it’s not a slow connection problem on my end. Also, the download itself is almost instantaneous, there is just the really long hang before it happens. I am using Pale Moon web browser in Debian, and have no such speed issues on other websites.


I reported this issue one week ago, but nothing change.

Sorry for the experienced delay!
We are working hard to getting things up to much better speed again before the weekend, since servers really are at almost limit since introducing new sections like phone.

Thanks for your answer. I thought that I had trouble with my dsl connection ;o))

Thanks, that’s good to know. Hope everything goes smoothly.

We switched to alternate download servers, so the lag should be much better now.
If still lagging experience, please report back, thank you.


I am still experiencing this issue with a timeout on

Therefore, I cannot download other packages.

The link you posted is not valid.
Which product do you experience the timeout when downloading?

I am trying to download ocs-url ocs-url_3.1.0-0ubuntu1_amd64.deb