KDE Wallpaper contest

Here is an official wallpaper contest for all who are interested:

Winner gets a slimbook and of course their wallpaper shipped default in Plasma 5.16.

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Thanks for the info, I made my submission here: https://forum.kde.org/viewtopic.php?f=312&t=160506

There are so many great artists out there and my odds are 1:1000.000 that I would win. But if I did I will donate that computer being offered to a worthwhile org. I have no idea who to donate it too so I will ask if I was to win…

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I need donation slimbook…Lol :smiley:

@charlie-henson I hope you’ll do the best you can do, I believed!
Keep a good work mate!!!

Thanks I appreciate the support. I entered a wallpaper I think captured the essence of the contest. Already lots of great entries and there’s two more weeks left.