Kali linux 2016 cant install theme

hello i cant install theme on kali linux 2016 can you help me how to properly install it this two themes:


i have copy files in /usr/share/themes

but the Legacy theme was not even in drop down list to aply it and tron_suite was not properly installed can anyone help thanks

come one no one can help? please help

you something change?

here is screen of theme what i am doing wrong?gnome shell working fine but the rest of theme not

no one can help? why it is doing this?

hi karencho,

best is to try to ask the author in the comment section of the actual project.

Installing a Kali Linux theme is extremely easy. You just need to download a theme and change it. You can do that by using Gnome Tweak tool. I have also written a good tutorial of it on my blog :