Is Archdeepin being still maintained?

Is this distro being still maintained?

Yes, I updated it on 2019-07-26, I removed it from opendesktop because the rating/download system is broken and they was only giving distros 00.01 per download, so not worth the hassle for the amount of effort.

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Forgot to add, I also have a plasma build if anybody is interested:


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and sourceforge gives you something for the downloads?
I do not understand, why remove it from opendesktop ?.
Does sourceforge have more user traffic?

Peace of mind, it wont get buried in a broken system, last time I checked, it was behind an iso that had not been updated since 2009 despite it having better ratings.

Not many downloads due to a broken system, 00.01 for distros, it would cost me more keeping the product updated :wink:

I don’t know, its just easier keeping it in one place, when doing support.

If anybody knows what work goes into creating a distro will understand!! I mean you can upload someone else’s wallpapers and get 00.10 per download.