In BBCode, the code body is too ugly! And other suggestions

Hello OpenDesktop developers,

I recommend you to improve the body code in BBCode at OpenDesktop, for example:


At GitHub and GitLab, the code body is beautiful, clean and elegant, for example:


Other suggestions

  • Your page should be optimised for mobile and tablet because I need to answer the comments of the users on a mobile phone when I do not use the computer;
  • You should give us the option of removing our comments;
  • You should give us the option of editing our comments because we make a lot of misspellings;
  • You should give us the option of transferring the ownership of page like at GitHub and GitLab, then we do not have to request you or you do not have to do by yourself;
  • You should give us the option of creating an organisation and integrating the pages to the organisations and of adding us as collaborators of the pages.

Ah, you should shame on yourselves for prohibiting the new users of uploading more than one picture. Only one example image is unworthy than two words.


Any updates?

I am waiting for your answers since July 6! The current OpenDesktop UI is very archaic!

Opendesktop UI on smartphone browsers are completely bad. I hope they will work in improving there mobile UI and what will be better than a mobile application.

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