Impossable to add or update themes: states "Error, Unauthorized"


@openDesktop team,

I tried to add a theme; and I have tried to update two themes.

Either way, I keep getting logged-out at most every button click (Firefox and Chromium); and the few time I did not get immediately logged-out, the “error, unauthorized” popup appeared, locking any ability to proceed.

Please advise

(see attached screenshot, below)


Okay, I was finally able to update a theme; but the strange, new hassle of being logged-out when I click on nearly anything is still present.

That situation is much less of a problem versus the, apparently, corrected adding/updating issue I was formerly having. I had thought, maybe the two issues were interrelated - but now I suppose not.



It took me like 8 or 9 log-ins to get to this point but I think they’re fixing it now boss.


Looking good!