Important: Identifying Clones

We like to ask anyone who sees clones of their own products -or- who does clones of their own products themselves to identify those and mark them to show which product is derived from which other in time.

A clone is e.g. a theme which is based on an already existing theme, so it shares many of its visuals but is changed in colorization, light or dark, or using a different wallpaper.

The mechanism to do so is on every product page, as can be seen very well done by creator @zayronXIO :

If you have any questions how to do this, please post here.
Otherwise we will also start looking out for obvious clones and ping their creators to help sorting them.

@l4k1 : Please help identify which of your products are clones of each other by using the link in the product sidebar to register them.

What is an ID?

ID is this:
Or something else?
What do I enter in the ID section?

ID refers to the Product ID.
For example: -> 1319516 is the Product ID.

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Thank you very much

So does the original owner of the theme mark the themes they see that are clones of there work or does the maker of the clone mark it there self because the directions above read like it is the original owner of the theme that is supposed to mark them. Please clarify

Anyone can do this, so original creator, clone creator or any user who knows this information.

Now if I am understanding this correctly you all are not saying the clone is not a bad thing but just making sure the orginal owner gets credit. Correct ??? Also when we do this do we still have to post links to that person’s work or will this stand for the link ??? Reason I ask is this would really take the place of writing out links to original work.

Providing a source link is needed for your own modifications.
So if you modified an original work, the Source Link needs to point to a repo with your ongoing modifications, not the original.
The two are different.

@l4k1 : many of your themes look like they are re-using the same underlying theme over and over again, with minimal visible differences, like mostly changing a color here and there (to give you one of many examples:

As above it also seems you name them completely different instead of giving it a common theme name and then identifiying the color or differences.

Because of this, please go ahead, like you already started 3 days ago and sort through all of your Plasma themes and also all of your Look and feel themes and identify which are related to which. Thank you.

Okay, I accept your suggestion, though I think (I’m probably subjective) that the two Themes you cited aren’t exactly alike.
I already started doing this, I hope you noticed?
Tonight and tomorrow, I may not be able to continue, but from Monday I will continue. Hope that’s not a problem?

That is not what I am saying. I am saying after we do this then do we need to still add a link in the description to the original persons work or will this take the place of that ??? I know about the source links added during the post but I always add a link in the description to the persons work that is based on. This seems to be taking the place of that. it would be adding it twice if I did this and added a link in my description. By the way I will start doing going thru my themes asap. Do I add the whole thing like: or just the

To be a clone, it is not the point to be “not exactly alike”.
Whenever two themes share quite some visibly elements that clearly derived from each other, it is a clone.

Can you post here any of your current Plasma themes that are COMPLETELY different, that is do not share any visible items?

My personal opinion (I emphasize that is just my opinion) is that almost all Plasma Themes are based on the “Breeze Plasma Theme”, whether marked as Original or not. This way I do not disparage anyone’s work, on the contrary! What I want to say: Breeze Plasma Theme is the base, everything else is a variation, more or less.
I personally try to keep each Theme aligned (Colorscheme, Aurorae Theme, Splashscreen, SDDM Login Theme, Wallpaper, GTK-3 Theme for Plasma Applications …).
I also think that the choice of colors and the consistency of those colors is a very important element of every Plasma Theme. I have been using Linux for almost 20 years and it has always been important for me to have a good color combination.

“Can you post here any of your current Plasma themes that are COMPLETELY different, that is not share any visible items?”

I can list Plasma Themes that are in some ways different from the rest:
“KDE-Story”, “Blur-Glassy”, “Inspiration” … But again I say, it’s all based on the “Breeze Plasma Theme”, and it really needs to do something extremely good, or bring some innovation, in order to could say: COMPLETELY different.

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This is not correct, there are clearly many Plasma Themes NOT being based on Breeze.
This is self-evident as before Breeze there wasnt even Breeze, so why even claim such thing?
So you basically took one theme and all your other themes variations are based on the same base, plus more or less element and color changes.
We will all link then to each other.

Okay, I accept your position.
I have only stated my opinion.

@l4k1: you need to identify all themes that share a common base, examples:

and countless others are all VERY similar or identical minus the color and minor changes like the task bar selection.

What you should do is not find endless new ICON LOGOs to give confusing names to these themes, but continue what you done with “Crown”, that is find one name and put all themes that share mostly the same elements in the same product as variant or at least identify them by the same name in the title. If you changed more than 70% of all assets to completely different style, that can be considered a new theme (not counting color changes or mixing them with other copied items). Anyone can help identify these, but since you are seemingly the only one doing this as regularly re-releasing endless variants of the same base themes, it is in your responsibility to immediately identify any new themes that are not original to mark them as clones and also go back through ALL of your old themes and identify which is based on which with 30% or more shared basic items, even if taken from two or more themes and mixing them. Again, unless you design 70% or more of the items from scratch, changing colors or mixing does not mean they are considered original, so please identify which themes are close to which other themes.
Thank you for your cooperation of using this platform in a fair and transparent manner.

All right, I’ll do it tomorrow.
Thank you also for your fair and correct relationship.

I did what you asked me to do, I identified the clones. If you feel that this is not done well, please feel free to identify the clones you think they are.
In the future, I will identify every Plasma Theme I post immediately, of course, if I consider myself to be Clon.