If I added my paypal address 4 days ago on the 17th will I recieve payout this month

Oh lord. Oh lord. Oh lord…
When I signed opendesktop I did not know we had to add a separate address for payouts because I thought the only people who get paid is people with work they and they alone created. I thought you had to make every single aspect of it yourself to get paid so I didnt worry about and THEN this month I was talking to someone and well to make it quick I have over 40 themes and I have never received a payout and I have some themes that are downloaded thousands of times. I have missed so much money I am sick. please tell me I can at least get my payout for MAY. I am sick …Please help

And what about April??? If I could just get those I wouldn’t be so sad at least. But still pretty sad.

The way I understand it is, it goes from month to month, so you will get paid for this month as long as your paypal address is valid, I doubt you will get any back payments, I hope I am wrong for your sake.

Good Luck :wink:

As always, the payout will be made at the end of the month based on the downloads. No matter when you have entered your PayPal address this month.

The OpenDesktop Team

Thank you. Well I guess there is no getting my April’s payout is it. I am sorry for my ignorance. I started this as a hobby and have been doing it steady for since about March but if I could just get April and May then I would not even worry about March. I figure your gonna say NO that I just can only get May’s payout and if that is so then OK but you know it never hurts to ask since I made an honest mistake. Anyway thanks.

I made a honest mistake and it has nearly turned me against posting but I am still at for now. I am not working and been home sick so you can imagine how it feels to find this info out and look at the payout history.

I know, I feel for ya Pal, I too am house bound, I only found out by accident, I went to check my paypal account one day and I noticed a payment from GbH or whatever it was, so I started uploading more content.

Lucky I have other projects so it would not of been a problem but I can imagine how you feel.

Good Luck my friend :wink:

Thank you. What kind of themes do you make ???

your welcome, I don’t, I mainly do wallpapers and i also do arch ISOs :wink:

I use Arch myself. What kind of ISO’s you talking about ? More info please. I want to make ISO from a currently installed operating system and use it for a backup or a quick way of doing clean installs. I am a nerd about my PC and I like to do clean installs at least 3 times a year so if I could make iso’s it would be great. By the way I have to use wifi to do my Arch installs. I have my install guide posted at github. I think it is not my newest but close. I need to update it. I try to promote Arch the best I can. I think it gets a bad rap. Right now I am having a problem with hardware acceleration with vaapi. If you have any good info on Hardware acceleration it would be greatly appreciated. I can’t set the path for the vaapi driver or vainfo command fails with error 1. I have kaby lake Intel HD 620

Well I have an archdeepin here:

I am uploading a new one as I write this (about an hour left) i will update the product when its finished :wink:

I am also thinking of doing other ones, plasma, gnome, mate, etc

all I can suggest for vaapi is this: Hardware video acceleration - ArchWiki

Are you using the latest Linux kernel version and the latest packages versions? Because I depend on Dolphin. As Antergos is discontinued, I have to migrate from there to pure Arch Linux, but I am too lazy and impatient to config the computer in the terminal.

I have just uploaded a new iso, the new iso has the base archlinux install with the deepin desktop. I have not included the deepin-exrta pkg in this one, easy enough to install if you want it or just install your own apps, the installer supports uefi 0r bios installs.

I am going to make a new product post for the new ISO I will give you the link when I have done it :wink:

If you would like to test in a VM and let me know what you think, would be great :wink:

Link as promised:

When did Antergos get discontinued and my friend your doing yourself a disservice by not at least learning to do install your own Arch at least a few times. I have a complete and I mean complete step by step guide on github that anyone can follow. Takes me 1 hr to have a complete system free of bloat with everything you need. Might take you 2 hrs until you do it about 3 times. If you have Intel graphics I even have the guide enabling hardware acceleration in Chromium.


totally agree with that, do at least one install even in a VM you learn so much and get a better understanding for when sh!t hits fan :wink:

I can do an archinstall in about 20 mins now on my system, just sayin :yum:

I even test the new arch ISOs every month just to keep me going rusty :wink:

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I did Arch Linux and Manjaro Architect once, the problem is that they created unnecessary free and empty partitions when I have created the partitions. I tried to figure and correct the partitions, but unsuccessful.

My laptop is BIOS and my new super PC is UEFI. I have one SSD and one HDD in my laptop and I have one SSD and two HDDs in my new super PC. But I want to reinstall only on my laptop.

Here are my partition:

$ sudo parted -l
Model: ATA Hitachi HTS72323 (scsi)
Disk /dev/sda: 320GB
Sector size (logical/physical): 512B/512B
Partition Table: msdos
Disk Flags: 

Number  Start   End    Size    Type     File system  Flags
 3      1049kB  192GB  192GB   primary  ext4         /home
 2      192GB   256GB  64.0GB  primary  ext4         /opt
 1      256GB   320GB  64.0GB  primary  ext4         /var/lib/snapd

Model: ATA Samsung SSD 860 (scsi)
Disk /dev/sdb: 250GB
Sector size (logical/physical): 512B/512B
Partition Table: msdos
Disk Flags: 

Number  Start   End     Size    Type     File system     Flags
 1      1049kB  8001MB  8000MB  primary  linux-swap(v1)
 2      8001MB  250GB   242GB   primary  ext4            boot

The boot is where / (root) is installed.

$ cat /etc/fstab
UUID=dda065d8-8e62-4619-9aab-b4acfebf7a0f 	/home 			ext4 	defaults,noatime,discard 	0 		0
UUID=cba6ea75-b92d-405f-8e6a-7cc8c8cfbafd 	/opt 			ext4 	defaults,noatime,discard 	0 		0
UUID=976dfeab-a61e-4bbe-8e63-c0aca219354d 	/var/lib/snapd 	        ext4 	defaults,noatime,discard 	0 		0
UUID=378aa2b2-20e1-43c6-8bfe-e745ca81ad67 	swap 			swap 	defaults 		        0 		0
UUID=eee3f747-4491-43cc-bbb8-db369017ea56 	/ 		        ext4 	defaults,noatime,discard 	0 	        1

Then is it possible to create these partition without it creating automatially free and empty partitions in Arch Linux?

I have NEVER heard of Arch Linux creating NOT ONE partition that you haven’t told it to. No question you made a mistake. Arch will never create a thing you that you don’t ask it to especially a partition.I have same ssd and run it like this:

I only use 1 GiB swap
And if you want the performance out your ssd then best use parted to make partitions. It is all in my guide.
I don’t make ISO. I install manually and I don’t install not one thing that doesn’t come with bare bone Plasma.
DO NOT INSTALL as plasma-meta. Install as plasma and then you will need to install konsole, dolphin and few others too. If you install the meta way everything is set up as dependencies and you will not like that in case you want to remove stuff. If you want my guide I will give you the link. it is laid out for beginners and you can message me for questions. I am not an expert but i have used Arch Linux for 3 years with 4 different desktops so I do know a little. I refuse to install any ISO or any operating system that installs even a browser onto my OS. I want it clean and fast. My guide has everything you need to have a fast and nice plasma desktop and you will learn. Always remember to use GiB to partition SSD drives and use either gparted or parted. A beginners best best is use a live iso with gparted and make you partitions first then boot up the Arch ISO and install. That is how I started. My guide gets you to complete setup with performance and everything. it is not just a install guide.

Yes, please.

Are you refering to the GParted Live?

I will make a backup to my external HDD.

No I am referring to ANY Distro that has a ISO that will run as a live USB such as Linux Mint or MXLinux. They have gparted on there. Just boot it up and create all your partitions and then shut down and plug in Arch USB and then when you start Arch linux USB you will already have the partitions made. If you follow this then you do not need to worry about it but if it makes you feel better then do like I said and use ANY Distro hat allows you to run in live mode.

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Wait, let me understand… Do I “wget” and run this script?

No it is a guide. Clone and change the file name to whatever.txt and put on your phone and read it and install Arch Linux. Anyone can follow it. either download it or git clone it. Samething