I need to know if you tag your payments as a service provided (SOLVED)


I was planning to transfer my money to my bank account, but the PayPal customer service representative has informed me that if I receive the donation for any service I do, I have to replace the donation button, because the donations can be received only by NGOs or non-profit institution, because their analysis group can block my account from receiving payments for that. She suggested that the payments I receive be classified as service provided instead.

I have explained her that you do not have donation button, or do not click my donation button to donate, and you just ask us to put my PayPal e-mail on our profile that you will send us direct payments. She said not to put the payments that you send to me, as donations, because it can cause to block. I showed the screenshot and she suggested me to contact you.

Do you classify or tag the Pling payments as service provided? Are you a non-profit institution?


Hi Gustavo,

please note for the following we cannot give any binding or legal advice, just point out how this displays from our point of view how we understand this:
People support all creators of the platform indirectly, they do not “donate” directly to any user.
Creators providing products on this platform are using the platform a service.
Hive01, which is operating pling.com is providing it as a service platform and is not a foundation/non-profit. So it is correct that when adding your paypal on this platform, it is not about collecting donations from users directly, but getting a small compensation for using the platform as a service.
If you as receiving entity are a foundation/non-profit on the other hand, there might be a chance to argue that with Paypal.
We will update the Support section shortly, which will give any supporter more choice and make the whole process even clearer.

I inform you that PayPal authorised the transference of money to the bank account and I received the money in my bank account yesterday.

Good to hear it worked!