I have seen the count go backwards on one one of my themes two days in row

Yesterday I witnessed the count go backwards and today I checked it and it was 229 and 4 hrs later it was 227 so unless it it going backwards at least some of the time then that is impossible and I guarantee people downloaded the theme in that 4 hrs and it went backwards. I noticed this after I noticed a weird drop in the amount of downloads so I starting watching it. Maybe I am wrong no I hope I am wrong because I know the count may get fixed at the end of the month but that does not keep me from falling in the download rankings right now so I am asking for any help at all. I am not accusing anyone of anything at all I just would like someone to check or tell me what is going on. Thanks in advance for any help given. It is this theme:

Hi freefreeno,

the “downloads today” counter equals the number of downloads for the last 24 hours server side.

the OpenDesktop team