I am looking for a KDE icon designer who can volunteer to help a little to solve the bugs


I worked a lot, fixing the bugs of more than 1k icons in KDE, during two months.

In spite of my project having been well-successful, I am facing the problem of icons rendering in KDE, there are more or less than 20 icons which are not well rendered in KDE.

I have spent 2 weeks researching how to solve that bug of icon rendering in KDE. I have seen it is one of the very known issues in the KDE world. I have made more than 50 attempts to fix the badly rendered icons and none of different versions of icons worked well in KDE.

I also used Figma to clean the codes, Inkscape to export the icons as plain and optimised SVG file, but none of them worked in KDE.

I can not find or discover the real problem or real cause in these icons.

The most of icons I developed for KDE, are Gravit Designer-based.

You can read and analyse from my comment until end:

Thank you for your attention and understanding!

I will install kde to support my projects, if you like send me the icons you mention to my email, I am not an expert but maybe with the solution

My mail Is zayronxio@gmail.com

if you want help, i can help your problem in my manjaro KDE Plasma :v:t3:

Hola Adolfo y Fabian,

English As you are Spanish-speaking, I will write in Spanish, it will be easy for you.
Español Como ustedes son hispanohablantes, escriberé en español, será fácil para ustedes.

English You do not need to fix every icon, you can only fix one and show how to fix it and how to avoid. But if you want to fix less than 10 icons, you are free to fork, to make pull request. Do not forget of putting your name and your e-mail in the AUTHORS as you are the authors of fixing the bugs.

Español Ustedes no necesitan resolver todo icono, pueden sólo resolver un icono y mostrar como resolverlo e como evitarlo. Pero si ustedes quieren resolver menos de 10 iconos, están libres para clonar, realizar pull request. No olviden de poner su nombre y su e-mail en el archivo AUTHORS, porque ustedes son autores de resolución de los bugs.

English 1. Please download the beta branch of the repository suru-plus/beta.
Español 1. Por favor descarguen la versión beta del repositorio suru-plus/beta.

English 2. Download 10 fake desktop files for testing and analysing the bugs in the folder ~/.local/share/applications: test for bug.tar.gz
Español 2. Descarguen 10 falsos archivos de desktop para testar y analisar los bugs en la carpeta : ~/.local/share/applications: test for bug.tar.gz

English 3. Open the application menu and check the Development category.
Español 3. Abran el menú de aplicaciones y vean la categoría de desarrollamiento.

English These buggy icons are in the folder suru-plus/apps/scalable/.
Español Esos iconos están en la carpeta suru-plus/apps/scalable/.

Thank your for your attention, understanding and help!
¡Gracias por su atención, comprensión y ayuda!

Hello @opendesktop

Please close my topic because nobody is interested in helping. I thought these guys gave up. :frowning:

I have to search for another KDE designer or I will have to stop giving support for KDE,

Ups no vi el tiempo :v

I did not see the time of the publication :v

Sin problemas, sé que estabas muy ocupado. Cuando veo problemas, te llamo a tí.

Igual pido disculpas porque no vi la fecha jejeje

¡Estás disculpado!

Ahora, con cuestiones de artwork. he hablado con Fabian sobre los cambios en cada versión y pues los de VDG están combinando muchos elementos entre los iconos de Breeze + el tema de Plasma. no esta tan ordenado como debería y se vuelve un lio para los que desean crear artwork en Plasma 5.


VDG = Visual Design Group. son los encargados del artwork en KDE/Plasma 5

¿KDE ha cambiado muchos elementos en el SVG? ¿Tengo de cambiar todo el tema de iconos para funcionar en el KDE?