How to promote my wallpaper?


My wallpaper gets fairly few views and I’d like to know if anyone has any tips on how to promote one’s wallpaper for free. I’ve shared it on social media, including my Quora profile which I’d expect gets a decent amount of views. I realize more people viewing means more feedback, both positive and negative, with negative being the one I expect the most, but negative feedback allows me to improve what I’ve got and hence so long as it’s constructive I’m willing to take it.

Thanks for your time,

Well Brenton,
I’ve taken a look at your ‘wallpapers’. And Well…

They’re a Mandelbrot fractal (created using default settings in GIMP) with 3D models, generated in Jmol, of four different chemotherapy drugs on it. I essentially took the models and placed them on a Mandelbrot fractal background in GIMP and exported as a PNG. The data used to create the 3D models (i.e. where each atom is, the types of bond between atoms, etc.) was taken from X-ray crystallography data, or PubChem entries, or RCSB PDB and optimized using Avogadro2 (GitHub - OpenChemistry/avogadroapp: Avogadro is an advanced molecular editor designed for cross-platform use in computational chemistry, molecular modeling, bioinformatics, materials science, and related areas.). The specific chemotherapy drugs were:* Doxorubicin (top left), created from RCSB PDB DM2 entry (RCSB PDB - DM2 Ligand Summary Page)* Imatinib (top right), created from RCSB PDB STI entry (RCSB PDB - STI Ligand Summary Page)* Cyclophosphamide (bottom left), created from COD 2005356 entry (Crystallography Open Database: Information card for entry 2005356)* Methotrexate (bottom right), created from PubChem CID 126941 (Methotrexate | C20H22N8O5 | CID 126941 - PubChem)
They were chosen based on the fact they are arguably the most important members of their respective class of chemo drug (anthracyclines, tyrosine kinase inhibitors, alkylating agents and antimetabolites, respectively). All four are on the World Health Organization’s Model List of Essential Medicines (

I mean, I guess you are proud of your graphical chemo-representation. But I doubt there is a big market for it… This is not wallpaper-like material.

I think I know what your asking about and the best answer is to submit your original work (s) to a publishing house. Craftsy has a well written guide to doing so.

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