How to contact a user (AJSlye)?

Amongst recent appimage additions to opendesktop are several uploads by the user AJSlye ( On his profile page it states ‘If there are any Appimages you would like to see added or updated, please don’t hesitate to contact me.’ Trouble is, I don’t see any way I can contact him. Either opendesktop has the most functionally cryptic messaging system in the world or there is simply no contact facility. I tried filtering the user list but strangely it produces no results for the user AJSlye. I’ve done a web search for the real name and company he mentions and found a github profile. Since I have an account there I logged in but still I find no way to make contact.

In any case, I just wanted to ask if any developer is able to produce an appimage of an old KDE application called Komparator (

Hi Pierre4L,

write a comment to his product or reply his comment will send him a mail.