Gnome Flashback uses header bar. All other gtk desktops use XML

2018 marked the end of Gnome using .xml and switching to header bar listed in gtk.css of our themes. It took me about 2 months to create the “Mac/Stoplight” look shown in my themes such as Cyan-3D. The theme can also very easily be changed color wise by simply changing the colors on those top lines, which thus far have seen no one taking advantage of. I suppose most like the nostalgia of the 90’s vs being more up to date with nice graphics. My complaint, is not that though. Same year all other desktop developers changed the option that automatically changes the .xml file to listed in a theme that is chosen or switched to by a user, to some trashy looking generic “adwaita” now an estimated 12 years in age. Formerly, a user could install a theme and the .xml would change with it. Now, one must change that setting every time in dconf-editor and also make sure they compile gschemas if they want the minimize and maximize option buttons. To me seems to be done in spite, and does nothing but upset users their chosen theme will not display as they chose unless they beat their heads in to change it. I would think in 2 years time these other desktop developers would end this spite and either switch to gtk.css or use the original settings. I dare them all to change their ways and end this travesty!