Github Access Token [Explain]

I just became aware of this option in the user settings and couldn’t find any thread about it. What would I want to provide a Github token for? The token is usually used to use remote repos or something similar. What’s my benefit of providing a token to

Hi Marian,

you can already use github to register an account with opendesktop and the token is for the future to benefit from using github to develop free software or artwork.

Doesn’t really explain a lot, but I guess we’ll just wait and see what you’re up to :sweat_smile:

Edit: Does this in any way correlate to this comment on the licenses post: ?

[…] So setting up a version control system is just asking for a more transparent and quick way to check license, version, updates, etc. quickly without downloading the whole package and unpacking and comparing things inside all the time.

With the token would I be able to connect my repository directly to opendesktop for download? If it’s something that needs to be compiled that’s not of use is it? If it’s ready-to-use archives it may be great actually. I’m confused… :sweat_smile: