Fake updates?

Hi Opendesktop. I think you should check the user rtl88 github page, he updates his topics very often, weekly, but on his github page there are no changes for more than 2 months.It is also impossible to check the changes he makes, because his repositories has only pure compressed files. Even some of those topics do not have a repository, all those topics are in the same link, and some are not there.
Could it be that there are not updates? Could it be to place his topics constantly on first pages?
I don know but if so, I don’t think that’s the linux philosophy, I think that’s the “cheat and get more benefits” philosophy.

We cant really decide on the validity of the updates, as you said since the sources links provided are not optimal.

@rtl88: Please point all source links for any of your products each to a seperate git repo folder with all actual items belonging to that product extracted, thank you.

This is very disconcerting, being referred to as a fake or cheat. These are my unique designs, and I indeed work hard on them. Moreover, no erroneous updates or bug fixes have been pushed out. I am a PhD student in the throes of my dissertation, and have experienced health and computer issues as of late is all. This condition simply, caused me to have to make the bulk of minor updates and bug fixes with a simple text editor, and then zip them and upload. Notwithstanding, I realize this is not your problem, and that I put a wrinkle in the methodology we utilize. It merely boils down to GitHub’s raw file limitations via uploading in this manner. I will stop updating until I re-setup my Git. RHEL and derivatives ship older versions of git, so have to download a tarball and build from source, or find a 3rd-party repository to obtain a more recent version of git. It’s just been too hectic for me to, and I run out of time.

Thank you for you patience.

@rtl88 rules are one and for all:

Please see that no one accuses you of being a fake or cheat, neither your products.
As for the git source links, just see that you link to extracted repositories, thank you.

I just saw this, this guy is beyond reproach; I followed him back in the GTK2 days, and then again over at UbuntuMATE - he always came through for us in a jam in those early MATE days. The dude has done plenty of featured artwork for big stuff. Oh, and I have never seen a better looking GitHub setup. It is all there in one convenient spot. He appears to have 29 themes here at OD, and they all go where they’re supposed to - to the raw files. I think rtl88 adds value to wherever he is. So far as the unforgiving competitor - who hides behind pseudonym… who truly is the fake, here?

This is not the question, so lets stick to the issue at hand, that is providing links to the actual sources unzipped.
It is a matter of fact, that at some point where anyone deciding to really benefit monetary above a certain level by providing a paypal adress should use github or our own integrated git service opencode.net as intended. If someone is not interested in this and just does this for the cause of advancing opensource, then one can decide to not provide a paypal and simply dont participate in this extra compensation.

Well, I had a notification from you, with this above reply from you, but I don’t know what you’re talking about.

Maybe I’ll just stay out of it, I was just shocked to see that someone was nagging on a long-time contributor to our cause. Usually it’s only terrific stuff and glowing write-ups you see in conjunction with the artist rtl88.

Many thanks for all everyone of you do here!

Wow @crainium, passionate defense, it would seem that he is someone close to you. Whatever it is, it’s not about personal pride or honour, it’s about the rules.
A few days ago there were only compressed files on his github page, this is a fact, now it seems that he has organized everything well, as it should be for any other creator on this page.
Being a user for a long time does not give you the right to break the rules, he should know the rules well. It is a fact that some upload their products again and again without real updates just to give it more visibility, it must be complicated for @opendesktop to control everything, therefore, “for our cause” as you say, you must report if something is not done correctly.
It is not my intention to criticize anyone, just to report what I think is not fair. I never affirmed anything, just raised some doubts that were impossible to clarify, now with well organized github, @opendesktop or anyone who wants, even you, can verify the changes he makes in his themes, like any other creator in github.

Hey, I am now receiving email updates from this timothy0 profile. I really don’t know the gist of what you all are talking about at this point. I am just a user, who had the guy you posted about help me out of multiple jams. He always was decent to me, no big deal. But I am starting to feel harassed now, I am sorry I spoke up to voice my 2 cents, I obviously had no business doing it. Anyway, I would really love it if you would forget about me, I honestly had already forget about you.