Excluded from receiving plings

Hi @opendesktop. I just received a message that my account was excluded from receiving plings.
Can you tell me, what are the " various issues " that I allegedly made, for I can correct then, or deleted, because I’m not aware.


Ok, my bad!
After looking a little longer, I think they are missing the original links if based on someone else’s unmodified work.
I will try to correct the images that I posted, adding the original link, and if I can’t get the original link I will delete the image in question.
After all corrected, will my account receive plings again?


You need to correct ALL wallpapers where you provided no link if base on an original.
Also please remove any homepage links to point to other wallpapers, thanks.

Already working on it!
But, I’m curious. This was some kind a third party complaint, spam click or just a random check from @opendesktop? - If is possible to know.

Thanks for replying.


OK, everything is as it should be.
Links added to original image and links to other wallpaper removed.
Please, check it and tell me something about it.


Hi y27x,

you have so many duplicates it is hard to list them all and not by any means just by chance.
1312176 - 1312283 - 1312916 is even mentioned three times as source by different wallpapers from you (no need to change it as we log everything regarding the sources-links).
This account will stay excluded.
Please start a new account, as we are not spending any more time to sort through this.

Fair enough.
I just want to mention that it’s good to know that you (OpenDesktop) log everything.

I do not need to say what I’m going to do, but just to be registered, I’ll delete all the wallpapers, including the ones I created, and as you suggested, I’ll create a new account.

Thanks for your kindness and the time you spent on this account.


Thanks for your understanding.