Encourage donations to opendesktop

Hello everyone. I direct this post to all active users of opendesktop.
As creators of content we can encourage all users to make their donations to opendesktop.
personally I will be adding a message “with striking text” in all my products, to promote this in the platform, the more users donate to opendesktop the platform will be more proactive for all, including the users will be included more in the projects of the preferences of each one of them, this in the end will generate more demanding users and at the same time creators of more content content content

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Nice idea, i do this on my arts :smiley:

I doubt you will be so enthusiastic next year when the pling system kicks in, your downloads will be capped at 100 downloads = $1.00 even though you may get a 1000 downloads per product you will still only get $1.00 assuming nobody has plinged your product.

I make most of my products from scratch (mainly the wallpaper category) spending a few hours on each.
Lets say I make 15 products a year and each product gets a 1000 downloads, that’s 15000 downloads, which as it stands now I would get $150 with the new system I would get $15. The last time I looked to become a supporter its a minimum of $15 per year, for anybody who does not see where I am going with this…

So I spend 30hrs a year (plus uploading) creating original content, so potentially I could receive $15 which I donate to opendesktop, so for my trouble I receive $0.00 :frowning:

Uploading other peoples work scouring the internet and uploading other peoples content for 30hrs a year
Lets say a 1000 images? probably a lot more? whatever! (plus uploading)

So i spend 30hr a year uploading a 1000 products, so potentially I could receive $100. from that I donate $15 to opendesktop I receive $85.00 for not so much trouble :slight_smile:

Wallpaper Category
While people are posting other peoples work and multiples of the same images from pexels, pixabay etc and other numerous wallpaper sites I will not be wasting my time on creating original content, instead I will be uploading other peoples work, at least then I can donate to opendesktop, win, win :slight_smile:

Good Luck!!

Well, I think that this lost friend, I have 4 pligs in one of my products, and I can generate 5 dollars for that product, in theory I could have more, if more users were supporters, the idea is that users urge what they like , give them the power, not only get money,

All I’m saying is be careful, if your donating to opendesktop every year it could end up costing you money when the Plings kick in next year, (unless your happy to do that) the only people that will benefit from this is the ones uploading other peoples work from the internet.

The amount of people uploading other peoples work to opendesktop is unprecedented and I doubt they will ever donate to opendesktop by their very nature ;(


opendesktop is and always has been a platform for open source content. People have uploaded content before for NOTHING in return. It is lately literally giving away money as a BONUS so to say. A lot of people get this concept totally wrong. Nobody is paying your work like an agency would. It’s a beta concept of gifting you a real value for your OPEN SOURCE effort. Be grateful! You make $150/month and cannot give back $15/year, that is 10% of one months gifted money? Even if this was only a theoretical example of yours and you make let’s say 30 bucks a month. Give 50% of one month back to the platform that invested in YOU to keep them doing it. To a team who makes an effort to keep this up in the future (which is a big task). Who are people just like you. And are WORKING on this platform.

Besides that said, Zayron makes a point about encouraging this effort and work of the opendesktop team and the content creators towards the end users which is actually a completely different discussion. I find it an interesting idea and will actually think about it in my own products.

I find it quite disturbing how the plings are seen by many as a close-source comparison of “my work is worth money and opendesktop is the firm that pays me for it” when in reality it is actually a real blessing for people who before worked for the sake of it.
That is I too have my doubts about the upcoming change in the system and the fairness of it towards work which includes quite some hours of programming or design but the team has already stated several times that they are evaluating how things go in these months.

Also like I said, it looks to me that this post is not about us content creators donating but encouraging the end user to do so.