December's payment has not been received

I have not received payment last December. Because normally the last payment Will be between the 2nd and 6th day of the month. Does it make me wonder if my paypal has a problem?

Please let me know so I can check my paypal.
Thank you very much


Same here did not receive payment for December 2019.


same here :confused:


Apparently, the sponsor has ceased to consider this area important. Such delays are already about 3 months. I think little depends on the site here.

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It should be there by now but it’s not, it seems like things’re going downwards, it’d be nice to know what’s happening, seeing not only KISS here but also EDLDI (Every Day Less Despite Increase) and ping factors going down (is it just me?) isn’t really uplifting.

I hope this is not over, but if so, I can only thank the great support they have given me, it really helped me a lot, in Mexico the economy is really complicated,

We have been here awhile now and I would think they would let everyone know in advance if they were going to shut the program down. I have been seeing my payout lately around the 14th so for me its not really anything out of the current norm. They had been saying the payouts were going to be near the middle of the month in recent posts on similar topics… I don’t think there’s anything to worry about I believe they are more transparent then what anyone really thinks. They made adjustments I believe with the section factor so that the program could survive.


pling factors will ofc go down, because in every section there’s people like this one
Who inflate 500-1k+ downloads per day hampering the factor for the specifc section, pling will reach its end very soon if @opendesktop doesn’t do anything about such leechers.

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And people like this one

Who post “Phone ROMs” in “Applications” category so that they dont get affected by the leechers present in phone category
@opendesktop should hire even more volunteers, this site is turning into a den of greedy people.

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I’m glad to get funds for what I share even if it’s not much, in my circumstances (I better don’t unfold it) it’s so helpful.

Many days before I informed @opendesktop that there are plings downloads that are not made directly from the site.

ANXCamera is an example:

If you download it, you will realize that some users of the android section are cheating to get plings.

My recommendation for admins is to block the ROMS and mobile applications section until a favorable solution is found for everyone.


I still believe that @opendesktop is still able to solve problems. But let it be slow It is not good for anyone.

A note on the current 1-2 days overtime:
The payout time is estimated to happen within the first half of the month, though this isn’t a hard deadline. With some people having enjoyed new year’s vacation until the 6th, plus the growing usage as it happens on the site recently, it naturally takes more time to go through all the contributions, so delays can happen. It’s simply a lot of manual work done by staff and volunteers, even with continued development for better automation (which can be tricky) to improve the speed.

Be reassured things are well underway and we’re almost done refactoring for the payout last month.
Please understand this is a fully opensourced project itself, so certain tasks take time.
All in all it’s a big community effort and delicate act to balance things out and find ways to make things work for everyone involved.


You guys do a lot of work but its necessary to clean up download inflaters and leechers that we have been reporting since long.
Starting from

The Android phones section is filled with greedy rich kids, there’s no point in arguing with them since they clearly don’t understand the importance of money
Infact the situation there is so worse that the pling factor falls to half within the first week of month

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Has anyone received the payout?