Danger of using Apple's copyrightened and patented names

Hello OpenDesktop staff,

There are many and many icons, GTK and KDE themes with the copyrightened names, as Apple’s. Apple does not allow the use of El Capitan, High Sierra, OS X, Lion, Mac, Machintosh, Mac OS X, macOS, Mavericks, Mojave, Mountain Lion, Sierra, SNow Leopard and Yosemite. And of iOS.

Apple can sue you for violating its copyrights and its patents. I suggest you review and advice all users who insist on using the copyrightened names of Apple, to change the names to fake names for avoiding the future troubles with Apple.

Apple is not an angel as you think. Apple is the worst enemy of Linux users and of open source.

But not only Apple, they also should avoid the names of Android, Google, Microsoft and Windows.

Names like “El Capitan, Lion, High Sierra, Mojave, etc.” can not be copyrighted because they are common words. An example could be “Office” (Microsoft Office, LibreOffice, OpenOffice, etc.)

“OSX, Mac, macOS, etc” if you have copyright, as they represent the name of the company or words that have been created for a product.

The same thing happens with Windows and Android… they are words that can not be copyrighted…

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As they are copyrighted, should every designer be required to rename their projects that OpenDesktop will not have any problems with Apple? We all know that Apple is evil.

Maybe @opendesktop should analyse and reconsider, to protect their site, so Apple is the worst copyrights and patents troll. Here is the bigger list that they do not rename yet:

  1. Mac like dock theme for Plank - OpenDesktop.org
  2. Mac Dark Mode like Plank theme - OpenDesktop.org
  3. elbullazul - OpenDesktop.org
  4. My Ubuntu 18.04 desktop Mac Os Mojave Look - OpenDesktop.org
  5. PingGuo - OpenDesktop.org
  6. MacOS Maximized - OpenDesktop.org

And more, just search “mac” and “osx”.

@zayronXIO, as you are active here, I think maybe you must rename your products that contain the words trademarked by Apple, so Apple can shut down the site or our products, and can sue us. Apple is evil.

thanks for the gus recommendation, but my products no longer contain apple names, “macos sierra ct” changed to “mojave ct”

I think that those of opendesktop have to be more than informed about this legal matter. Remember that their offices are in the European Union and they must meet certain requirements.

It would be best to wait for the administrators and see what movements they perform on the copyright in the words.

I thought they have ready done. I saw @umayanga was excluded from plings because I saw that one OpenDesktop administrator intervened in his product and asked him to rename Apple-trademarked names to other names.

But let’s see their answer.

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Yup, they (OpenDesktop) have already started informing users not to use Apple’s copyrighted names. First, they exclude those themes from plings and inform the owners to rename. When the owner of the theme rename it to a non-copyrighted name, they remove the exclusion.
It’s a really effective way.

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Yes, apparently the opendesktop already began to take action with the names that are copyright

I have renamed it. Thank you for your reminder.