Could this be possible?

Today I’ve noticed a crazy number of downloads for a look-and-feel theme (about 500 per hour!). I mean, I know there are very popular products but I’ve never seen that average of downloads even in them, at this time it has 7k+

well he’s lucky, my product downloads don’t even get registered, I keep telling them there is something seriously wrong with the system but won’t acknowledge me.

I think you are talking about this theme He already
posted an issue The “downloads today” counter details decrease when with no reason he’s theme achieved 1700 downloads and after 2 days it had less than 100. Today it has 8500???

I think all previous weird download changes were due to the new rating system. But downloads are now getting more stable again, and having more than 2000 downloads is really difficult, so 8500? :laughing: what?

hi, I am the author of the theme,

As daniruiz06 said, I had already posted a problem regarding the number of downloads that seemed extravagant.
This is a theme that I have not updated for a long time and I do not realy know the average of “normal” daily downloads, because its number varies a lot from one day to another, as you can see.

Although I’d like to hope it’s just a success, the figure seems pretty crazy compared to other products for me too
I can only do speculate and i only able to see the download counter like you and it’s the opendesktop team who are able to check in detail what’s going on behind it.

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The issue that you describe in The "downloads today" counter details decrease - Issues - Community Boards I’ve only seen it with two products, yours and another one, so I just checked the metadata files and found that both add the look-and-feel theme itself as a dependency:

So, maybe the “issue” could be related to that?

I just deleted it and updated the new tar.gz file on Opendesktop to try.

Thanks for reporting the issue.

Good find!
We are looking into this from server side too.

Hi Rokin,

thanks you for your message. The number of downloads should be fixed now. We have cleaned up the multiple downloads from the same action.

The OpenDesktop Team