Casually dropped licences

I have noticed today that some of my products don’t have a licence and there was one for them selected before and I also saw that you can now select Original, Modification or nothing and I wonder if that could have anything to do with it. I feel more in terms of being upset about that, I had them well set up, can you explain what’s happening or will I get more upset finding out that I need to go through a few hundred of products again?

If you calm down your tone and give us an example of what exactly and where it supposedly happened, we might look into it.

I’m cool but like I said, upset, I’m neither threatening nor aggressive, that’s how it may be viewed by you as, here is one with dropped licence:

Some licenses are no longer active and selectable for over a year. The products remain valid anyway. Only when editing such a product, a valid active license must be re-selected.

If I discern it well if there was f.e. MAPL licency but it flew out of the list of available, because of that it’s empty there?