Can't reply to comments?

Edit: Fixed it by logging into my products page. Will get back to you if it happens again (session timeout?).

Love that we get email notifications now, but it seems I can’t reply to comments.

Opening up the devtools for
Win7 Volume Mixer - KDE Store, shows that when I hit Send, it tries to prompt for my password like when I try to visit my product page (since it show’s I’m still logged in).

Here’s the devtools network response preview:

It happened again today. I should also add it that shows a “Service is unavailable” popup when you try to comment (when in reality it’s trying to prompt for your password in the request).

Hi zren,

is it still happening as of lately?
Thanks for reporting and giving feedback.

Not recently no.

Thanks for fixing whatever it was.

i’m not seeing how to send you a private message so i’m adding to this thread. i found your tiled menu and love it, but ran into one issue. i cannot right click and send items to the desktop. just because we have the tiles doesn’t mean that we no longer want to send items to the desktop. can you please fix this? thanks

For a PM to a user, you go to that users profile, click on blue “Message” button at top right: