Cannot download some files


Lots of downloads are not working, returning corrupt archives.
Two examples:


Hi Julien,

there was a temp. connection issue with S3, can you try again and see if downloads should be normal now?

Thanks clemens, it’s all good now.
Monitoring is good :wink:

Yeah, thanks for your monitoring support :slight_smile:

I have that mess too, no solution.
I never find the link for download, repository or whatever.

Let’s say or in which there are not any files under the Files tag in pages.

I read comments of people having locks issues solved by the author using dropbox,. However neither for these have links! But this not seems to be so for me cause there are some apps available, recently ones the most.

Sometimes there is a warning message about archived files.
In case of archived or blocked applications, is there any way to get them?


Hello emezeta,

there are still files under “archived”, which may be downloaded. Maybe this will help and solve your problem.