Broken pictures everywhere in Firefox and gallery maximum bug


  • The pictures are broken everywhere in Firefox:

  • We uploaded only 4 images, but Pling accused us of uploading 8 images and asked us to upload 5 images, but we sent only 4 images. I decided to upload only 2 images.

More screenshots:

Thank you for your message. In order to find the error faster, we need more information: which browser under which operating system did you use?

The Opendesktop Team

Firefox Developer Edition 71.0b6 (64-bits) on Arch Linux, @rvs75

Are you sure that no plugin prevents the images from being displayed?

I tested each one of plugin, disabling it. I found that Privacy Badger broke your page. It does not give me the option of unblocking the pictures. I am going to report to the plugin developers.

Maybe because we are using a cn subdomain from our main opendesktop server?

I enabled the plugin, and checked the blacklists. Yes, it is.

It is still wrong though? I wonder how they chose what to blacklist…

If there is anything we could do on our side to remove the reason(s) for why this would be blacklisted, please let us know.

I think they are suspecting that China is spying on us.

I added your site to the whitelist.

Maybe you can talk with them at Privacy Badger.

China make you need mama! you cant know it but so bad! stay you keep safe in fair place!

I am not accusing. It is the extension developers who are accusing. Learn to read attentively:

I think they are suspecting. I do not say I am suspecting.

I no China I Cambodian and Laotian. no make mess up on read. I say a diffrent thing no accuse no you. Thanks you!