Any idea why my products sum would go up but the potential payout would not?

I have a screenshot of my payout page and the potential payout did not move but the products sum did.

For any concrete personal payout questions, you can also direct message us.

@opendesktop Can you please tell me how because I have a problem I think.

@opendesktop Hi OpenDesktop Team. Please mark as clone this products:

Clone my Plasma theme:

And This:

Clone my Aurorae Theme:

All elements on this themes draw and developed on Papirus Developmen Team. mr. @freefreeno only recolor highlight color and change other color for Manjaro style.

@x-varlesh-x I marked them already and I can not help it if they are not being marked. I mean I think I did it correctly.
I put your ID in for each and every single one. I did this yesterday. For look and feel I put look and feel ID and so on and so forth. I also removed a lot of stuff I had other than these two themes. Have a good day. When marking them it says it may take a while to show up. I did it either yesterday or the day before.You could have came to me. It says exactly this.

Thank you. The credits have been submitted.

It can take some time to appear while we verify it.

That is also what it said yesterday

@opendesktop I sent a private message. Just letting you know.

They are marked and shown correctly as variants now. (Also please dont hijack threads, just open a new one.)

@opendesktop Had I not do that correctly and did you get my private message ??? And now my themes are marked three times to the same theme.

@opendesktop This theme is now marked three times to the same exact theme. I had already marked it I do believe.

I sent a private message too.