And so it Begins

I just noticed @dmwalls28 has uploaded one of my images, having read through some of his comments feed opendesktop has warned him numerous times and yet he is still here!!??

Why is he still here? Let me explain:

Opendesktop removed licenses a while back that would protect this sort of thing, so under opendesktops T&C s he’s well within his rights, (he would only need to change a pixel) and all would be legit.

At the end of next month I will be removing all my files and uploading other peoples work, I apologize in advance if this offends anyone, but it seems like the easiest way to make a quick buck, uploading original work is a waste of my time and yours under the current opendesktop T&Cs

Good Luck Everyone :wink:

Is this post some sort of satire (if so it’s missing the /s).
Your freedom is also the freedom of others, this is what it is supposed to be all about.
Also, how old was the clone wallpaper uploaded here before it got removed now?
Do you think with any other license the user would have not uploaded it?
You want 1984 here, like Google implements an upload filter?
Can you for one moment think how this all works with the freedom on one side and real world happenings on the other?
Thanks for any constructive feedback instead of lamenting.

If you find CC-BY-SA, GPLx and MIT harm your freedom, then you are in the wrong site, because you need to understand attentively: “Open” means “open source”.

Then certain restrictive licences you prefer are not compatible with the open source.

If you want your works to be restricted, closed-source and non-derivative, then OpenDesktop is not your right place, you need to migrate to your own site, or Shuttershock where you can restrict them, give Flaticon/Freepik-like hard and rigorous licence and then you can menace and track the users who are going to download your files.

If you feel offended, do not like the opendesktop’s argument or the mine and really hate the open licences, I think you should abandon the site, remove all your jobs and migrate to Shuttershock.

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Of course we welcome antechdesigns to stay, we just wonder what is it that he doesnt like this place which values his work as much as it values the freedom it brings to any of us.