All the screenshots or mostly all screenshots are not working properly on the site

I have been trying to post themes but when I post them them screenshots are only shown in a weird kinda way. Like a piece of the screen and it is not only mine . Just go and try to look at the screenshots. Something odd going on. Please if someone could just tell me what is wrong or if nothing is wrong because my PC is running fine but when I go to the themes and look at the screenshots they are all messed up on all themes. When I go back maybe 3 hrs later maybe a couple of screenshots look ok but then a little while later they are messed up again so what is going on. I have posted a theme and if everybody is seeing what I am seeing then they are not even seeing my theme at all.

Hi freefreeno,

thanks for your message. There was a problem with an outdated cached css file. Please try again.

the OpenDesktop Team

Hi freefreeno,

if you find the issue is not fixed by now, a screenshot would be excellent to see how it looks on your end.

Seems to be fixed now. Can someone PLEASE help me with regards to payouts. I have left a question and it is not getting answered. I am pretty sure I know the answer to it but I wiould like to hear it from the horses mouth if you will.