All downloads suddenly went to 0 and no files for anyone to download <THE SITE IS BUGGY RN>

I was refreshing every product i got to see how many download i got and on which iam getting alot of downloads and suddenly all of them went to 0 , from 55 downloads and 100 downloads they all went to 0 ! Can anyone tell me whats going on or if anyone else is facing this problem?

even there is no link for files for anyone to download there is nothing , everything just went away

everything works now , it might have been a bug

The site is sooooo buggy rn

Hello you are right!, I am also facing the same and also the website is slower than ever. The downloads button disappeared and its crazy.

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It is because the database are broken. While add a product, plings, etc work, but the products does not work due to broken database.

I have checked, it seems it is JavaScript errors.

Due to a technical problem with our file server, unfortunately, the above mentioned problems occurred. This does not affect the stored number of downloads and should be fixed since yesterday.