Account stoped working?

Dear openDesktop admins. A few days ago I was in the process of updating one of my theme contributions. I was also uploading a new theme component (Plasma Splash Screen). After clicking the save button I received an “internal server error” message. Next thing I know I have been signed out and unable to sign in again.

Error message when signing in:

“Unkown email or username or wrong password”

I then tried to reset my password but no new password is received via e-mail. I waited a couple of hours thinking it might be a bug or some other issue with the site or backend. A couple of hours later without success I contacted you via e-mail on That was on January 7th and I have not received a reply.

I have also noticed that all my theme contributions have been deleted. It is as my account would have been deleted. Still I am not able to register a new account with either the same username or password as it says it is taken. So not completely deleted?

This is very confusing to me as I do not know or understand why this has happened. Could some admin please shed some light on this issue. My real username is pwyde.

P.S. I only created this account to be able to post this topic on the forum, since you have not replied to my e-mail.

Dear pwyde,

thanks for your forums post. Your account was temporary disabled due to marked as spam, and is fully available now again. This was also the reason you could not register a new account on the same username. Please try to login and let us know if there is any other issue.
Sorry for the inconvinience, the Opendesktop Team.

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Thank you! It is working now.