Source was not specified. [Explain]

I see that you’re working non stop on a daily basis on the site.

That’s great! However severe changes in how the system will work from (day x) on should be made public at least as a post to the users explaining the new functionality.
All of a sudden there’s this big red exclamation that states that the “Payout requirements [are] not fullfilled” and that the “Source was not specified” and when editing one reads that a source is “needed for plings depending on product category”.
Now please I can totally understand these moves and I appreciate them but before end of month you should give very clear instructions to your users on how to comply with these new standards showing at least a table for which categories a source will be needed and a short reasoning behind the decision.

Thank you for your hard work, I’ll keep supporting!

Hi Marianarit,

thanks for your valued feedback!
We agree that we possibly need to explain things even more in advance, but the two changes (license and source) should have been honored or clear to anyone in the past even without us checking on them, so this will just suit those that play by the libre ruleset and affect users for the payout at the end of this month, which gives roughly 3 weeks time before anything is finalized. We think that is enough time for anyone regularly checking in to go through their list and add requirements (like license or source) where needed or decide where it makes most sense first, as all download counts and stats continue regardless of when those criteria are added before payout.
The bigger effect will mostly only be for those who are increasingly “dumping” content without proper (or even correct) licesne and provide no source, so we had to go ahead and change things to become more transparent at some point, and decided to do rather sooner than later.
We apologize if we spend night and day working on improving this platform to become viable for all by transforming it more and more into an equal and transparent libre eco-system, where FOSS can strive and prosper and hope the like-minded creators see our intent and excuse our short-lipped announcements other than the blog-posts.

Thanks for the quick response, I think we all understand your movements and the ideas behind it. I also understand the struggle and the pressure your team is probably going through lately. That’s why I cheer you up! Please be so kind and make a short list of which categories need sources.
Most of my work is design work. The resulting product is one or more SVGs in most cases (even Aurorae window decorations!) There’s really no source to that.
So what’s your teams suggestion? Where should I upload a so called source of a mere folder with SVGs? Github is clearly overkill for that kind of work.

A list is coming either today or tomorrow the latest.
Github or any other git-like service is recommended. Git is great and increasingly used also for window decorations, mouse cursors, iconsets and the like due to versioning and keeping track of changes.

It is a bit like when you fiddle with open source code and release your derivative or original work under a license like GPL, you should point to the source. Same idea we think is great for CC work other than a single item, like a wallpaper or logo. It is simply for people to allow more easily work together, so if you just want to share things and not make some plings, there of course is no restriction or anything to do so. This is getting a reward in the sense to setup a git-like source and point to it is a great courtesy for others to join in.

Hope this makes sense here. :slight_smile:

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I can see the point behind your decision and will accommodate my work as soon as possible. Thanks for taking the time to clear things up a bit. Very appreciated! (Sure it will help others as well!)

My Abstract Wallpapers are my own creations from scratch and I only host them here at openDesktop I am using my profile products/home page as link source. It make sense to me to do so but if something else needs to be done please let me know as I have over 2000 wallpapers to re-license this week and through the weekend :slight_smile: