[PSA] Click the blue Login button next to About to login to store.kde.org

This is what I experienced:

There are now 2 login buttons. If you click the top blue button, it links to https://store.kde.org/login/redirect/… which will log you into store.kde.org and opendesktop.org and forum.opendesktop.org.

If you click the gray Login button, it links to https://www.opendesktop.org//login/redirect and will only log you into opendesktop.org + forum.opendesktop.org. I tried logging in 2-3 times using the gray button (even a logout as well) just to find myself redirected back to https://store.kde.org afterwards and still logged out. I opened up https://www.opendesktop.org and noticed that I was logged in.


Thanks for your message. Can you please tell us something about your OS and the browser you are using?

Firefox 65 in KDE Plasma 5.15, with uBlock Origin + Privacy Badger. I did several tests in Firefox’s Private mode.

I just tried using the gray Login button in Chromium’s Incognito mode (with uBlock Origin), and I logged in properly to store.kde.org.

So my conclusion is that I’ve somehow locked down the 3rd party cookie (opendesktop.org) in FirefFox. Either It could also be Privacy Badger as I don’t have that installed in Chromium.