File Upload: Now keeping History of files

With yesterdays update, users can now delete files while still keeping the history like download counters intact.

Anyone will see the complete history of files for each product under “Files” tab, just not be able to access any deleted files anymore.

Here is how it looks:

If you have any questions or need help, please let us know.



How I can delete the history of deleted files or link?
I have a link that is not erased even after giving several times to the delete icon, please help.


Hi geobarrod,

the history is kept for download statistics, so while the files are deleted, the entry is kept similar to wikipedia version history.
We can make an update to the frontend and hide file history default and show on click, if you prefer it for clean looks?


Thanks for responding so quickly.

Ok agree, good idea, make the update of frontend for hide the file history by default, but please add too a option for clear this file history.

Please help me with this others stuff:
1- In the former site my project was 84% in the rate score, as I can get that score again?
2- I have 2 active link that is not erased even after giving several times to the delete icon.
3- How I can add new download links to external sites?


  1. We use a slightly different formula for the score, so all products has a little different score now.
  2. The 2 links are now deleted.
  3. We don’t support external links any longer, but one can upload any amount of files now and there are extra fields for links for each product.

Hope this helps.