Can you bring back private message?

Can you bring back private message function? And other options from kde-look, like notifications about changes and replies, votes, etc.

Private messaging is given when you get the Badge “Basic” which means you are a trusted user (level 1). To get this badge, you have to read some posts on the forum. Check Badges on OpenDesktop Forum

I have been user of kde-apps and kde-look and other related sites for a few years. Account should be transferred. All the options as well. The new rules doesn’t make

Hi remix,

this is a completely new forums software, the old forum had some problems, so we switched to Discourse.
It will be possible to use any account for login in the future, but this takes some development time.
It is a new technology, so it will evolve and bring back features, so that’s natural when you do bigger technology switches.

How do you go about knowing which Trust Level you are on? Also, do you have to just read posts or also comment on a few? I’m curious to know, also, I too have been a long-time GNOME Look user well before it got this new revamp (so I had the messaging option beforehand)…

UPDATE: Now I know thanks, you just have to read 5 topics or somewhat and then you’ll get a notification on your user picture.

Yes sure. We can set the private message function in kde-look. There are also some other options you will find. That will make your day feeling good. As you know the online flower delivery Dubai is one of the best service provider for your flowers.